Benefit   Term & Conditions
  Get paid by sharing information.
  No investment.
  Get paid your team work.
  No hidden investment.
  No hard work.
  Introduce a friend and get paid.
  Bonus on achieving certain level.
                               Increasing credit rates for each level.
                               Better growth options.
                               Employment with Sarmang. 
Term & Condition
The amount would be directly transfer to the account of the member.

All the communication will be done through the registration of the member.

Sarmangians and their reference will always be preferred.

The bonus amount for network is applicable up to level 2 only.

The introduction amount will be paid along with first payment to your reference .

All the amount will be paid for new and valuable information only.

The inclusion of information would be on first come first serve basis.

Member can check the acceptance or rejection details of their information on our website.

Membership of the new member would be cancelled if he/she fails to do any work during first 45 days.

The membership will also be cancelled on sequential 3 months of idealness of the member.

The payment would be done only after the account exceeds Rs. 300.00

Member should maintain the confidently of the company's process, strategy and documents.

Association with Sarmang Doesn't mean employment with Sarmang Softwares.

Phase for different work are different; members must achieve  the target of each phase in order to get into the next phase of work.

On achieving target of phase  4 of a particular work, the member will be  appointed as zonal head for that particular work; along with this you will be given an opportunity to join sarmang as an employee.

On completing the targets of Zonal head, the member will be promoted to regional head for that particular work.

Our  products covers diverse industry verticals ranging  from web portals ,web applications, education management system, geographic management system to planning.   

We provide varied range of services to our clients which help in smooth running of the business, provide high level of efficiency & flexibility and maximize their satisfaction level. Our services reflect our commitment towards quality assurance  which is major part of Sarmang proposition.