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Landslides are considered as one of the major kind of natural disaster in the hilly regions of the world. The management problem in the hilly region is almost parallelized due to the rugged topography. Therefore it becomes necessary that in a hilly region to have a skilled Disaster Management GIS which can quickly display the information so that we can take decisions accordingly at the time of crisis situation.

Aapdamitra A step together towards the safer world



Right information at right time.
Provide early warning system.
Create awareness
Minimize the
effect of disaster.

Save lives, properties & environment
Save time & money.
Establish networking as link between government department, NGO's or organization.
Reduces the time of
decision making.
Reduces the time of taking action or response.
Quickly locate the disaster
prone region.
Helps in better management of resources.
Helps in proper management &
Provide information of the needs required at time of disaster period to the occurrences
of disaster.
Helps in preparedness before the occurrence of any disaster Faster estimate the
Faster access the damage & lost property.

AAPDAMITRA is a GIS (Geographic Information System) tool for Disaster Management
   It is such a unique tool that provide a geo-referenced information of disaster prone zone (natural or unnatural) in 2D or 3D to the disaster managers and therefore can help them in managing the disasters more efficiently and effectively and therefore capable of saving number of human lives. This tool is also able in reducing the loss of property and environment. With a GIS tool we can pinpoint the exact location of the disasters before their occurrence and therefore steps can be taken at right time to take the prevention and a proper planning can be done in reducing their effects. With a GIS tool, analysis can be done for mitigation, response, relief and recovery needs and analyses can also be done for possible consequences of any disaster.


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