think n program organized a computer programming contest “THINK N PROGRAM” on 4th May 2008 at its clementown centre. The contest aimed to provide the platform to the students where they can test their programming skill before stepping to the industry.

Students had shown overwhelming response and participated in a number, total of 46 candidates from different institute of Dehradun  like DIT, GEIT, SGRRIT, Tula’s Institute, Uttranchal Institute of Management & Technology etc. had participated in the contest.

The contest was held in two rounds , out of 46 candidates, only 5 candidates naming Pawan Pant, Devbrata Kumar, Garima Tiwari, Gurmeet Singh Grover & Dharm kriti Bansal succeed in entering the final phase of contest. Mr. Pawan Pant student of GEIT won the contest by solving the problems in most efficient manner.

The jury members of the contest  Mr Gajendra Chauhan( CEO, Threads Solutions), Mr. Amit Upadhyay(Lecturer, Computer Science & Engg.), Mr. Arun Chauhan(Lecturer, Computer Science & Engg.) and Mr. Vijay(Lecturer, Computer Science & Engg.) appreciated the enthusiastic optimistic approach of the students for such programming contest.

Shweta Dhiman, Meenakshi Pant, Ankita Khanka, Rahul Gupta, Rajat Goel, Hemant Kashniyal, Divya Mishra, Priya Agarwal, Devesh Joshi and Kritika Joshi of were the organizing committee members of the event who had bestowed their responsibility in the best manner and make this event successful.


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