Sarmang Team

Anil Mohan

As the chief executive officer, Mr Anil Mohan defines the road map for all technology and innovation at Sarmang. With a vision to introduce open source technology to diverse industry vertical Sarmang is established in 2004. Under his dynamic leadership, Sarmang today is recognized as one of the leading provider of procurement software solution all over the nation and also succeed in gaining recognition at international level.

His immense contribution in the open source technologies was first recognized and appreciated in year 2006 when leading magazine on open source “LINUX” dedicated a complete article on his contribution, growth and success.

Before making formal beginning of Sarmang in 2004, Mr Mohan was employed as a Lecturer of Computer Science & Engineering Department at a leading engineering institution of Dehradun. He took Placement Classes, Programming Languages (C, C++) Networking, DBMS, Data Structures, Bio-Informatics, Algorithm Operating System (Unix, Linux).

Anil Mohan has a bachelor's degree in engineering (B.E.) with specialization in Computer science and Engineering from Kumaon Engineering college.

Alok Srivastava

Dr. Alok Srivastava is the Chief advisor for the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology division. Under his valuable assistance, guidance and cooperation Sarmang successfully implemented several bioinformatics products for diverse industry verticals like Imagine (for image processing), Dhristi(for leaf processing), HuGe(a tool for scientist and researchers to find new genes in sequence of A.T.G.C) and currently he is working on couple of new projects with Sarmang Software.

Dr. Srivastava has a Doctorate degree in Computational Biology from Jawaharlal Nehru University and Bachelor's degree in technology with specialization in Bioinformatics and Big data from Kumaon Engineering college.

Dinesh Yadav

Mr. Dinesh Yadav responsible for handling entire offshore business development activities.

He has a Bachelor's degree in engineering (B.E.) with specialization in Data base from Kumaon Engineering college.

Anil Kumar

Mr. Kumar is responsible for the successful implementation of Mobile application. He has experience of serving the well known national and internal company like LG, Samsung, LAVA etc in their core Mobile application development.

He has a Bachelor's degree in engineering (B.E.) with specialization in mobile application from Kumaon Engineering college.

    Business Associates

  • Sandeep S.Mittal & Co: Providing assistance on all aspects of accounting, finance and taxation etc
  • Adipra e-tech solution: Providing IT Hardware consultancy, service & support
  • Triumph solutions, New Delhi: Off shore business development.
  • VCreate Enterprise LLP,Banglore


In this technology advance era, increase in business complexity and rapid market chage,forces diverse industry verticals to leverage technology for improving efficiency and productivity.

We cater market with our customize product and service, valuing their time and money.
We believe that quality, performance and realibility will make a difference. Starting from our customer point of view, Sarmang put emphasis on quality rather than price.


We provide varied range of services to our clients which help in smooth running of the business, provide high level of efficiency & flexibility and maximize their satisfaction level. Our services reflect our commitment towards quality assurance  which is major part of Sarmang proposition.   

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